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Star Citizen Video Exploring the ICC Probe Missions in an Origin Systems 350i

Simply because I love the 350i ship. it’s sleek, roomy and faster than a bat outa hell. What it lacks in firepower it more than makes up for in evasion tactics.

The focus of this video is to try out the Origin Systems 350i more in depth. From exploration to combat (Hint: It’s too fast for dogfighting). It’s also taken to the The ICC Scan Probe, which gives off some generic missions to fly to asteroid field and find a beacon or save a person. This is the perfect opportunity to try some new things!

The Origin Systems 350i was Born for Exploring

Also in the PU 2.3 updates, EVA in Star Citizen has been tweaked and nearly perfected. Stepping out of the Origin Systems 350i into the blackness of space, with a giant asteroid looming nearby, it was frightening. It takes your breath and gives a sense of vertigo. Only other time I felt this in a video game was with Unreal Tournament.

Another really cool aspect of the current build is Quantum travel. When you’re boosting in the Origin Systems 350i towards a station and suddenly there is a planet rapidly filling up your view. Then “BOOM” there it is, the station peacefully floating above this massive planet. Sitting just in the dark side, hidden from the light of the Crusader Star.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the video and the continuing improvements the team has been making in Star Citizen.


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PC Equipment:
Microphone: Audio-Technica AT2035
Blue Mics ICICLE Pre-Amp
Graphics Card: eVGA Nvidia GTX Titan X
Motherboard: ASUS Rampage V Extreme
Video Capture XSPLIT

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