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Super Panda Adventure Tour

“Super Panda Adventure Tour” is the 4th and largest entry into the Chaos Rift family of developed games. Departing from the amazing, yet extremely limited BuildBox, this is straight up Unity3d and C#.

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Why Unity? Because the educational material from Udemy, GameInstitute and other places was in mass abundance. I was also inspired by the small team that made Kerbal Space Program.

“Super Panda Adventure Tour” features 45 Platforming levels divided into 3 worlds. It has and astonishing 47 Leaderboards (an entire weekend just to set up), 57 achievements and 3 boss fights. This platformer is Massive!

Super Panda Adventure Tour

Super Panda Adventure tour is an old school 2D platformer of epic proportions in the spirit of Super Mario. Featuring 45 levels and 3 boss battles with this adorable creature of the forest.

You mission is to take Super Panda on an adventure, battling slimes, bats, insane mushrooms and a variety of other monsters. Collect valuable coins on the journey as well as compete in the leaderboards and achievements.

Simple mobile controls
Challenging Gameplay
45 levels
3 worlds and boss battles.
Random creature behaviors and difficulty.
47 Leaderboards based off level speed and other ultra competitive stats.
57 Achievements. From collecting coins to mashing monsters, this is an epic list. Can you get the “Completionist” Achievement?

What are you waiting for? Start downloading and enjoy this epic Platforming Panda Bear.

Brought to you by an Indie development team of 1 person in the basement.