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Hexa Block!

Introducing Hexa Blocks

(Hexa Rune Gems on IOS)

Hexa Blocks is Chaos Rift Games’ 5th game. It’s an extremely addicting and challenging puzzle game. Featuring over 200 challenging puzzle levels in increasing difficulty. Will this game have you beat?

Download Hexa Rune Gems on IOS


Move blocks to fill up the square and collect the block pieces to level up!


  • Drag the Block! Hexa to move them.
  • Try to fit all the Block! Hexa runes in the frame.
  • Block! Hexa can’t be rotated (You think that makes things easier don’t you? You’re wrong!).
  • Casual Game to play. Don’t worry! No time limits!


  •  The smooth effect for block puzzle game!
  •  Play easily and quickly.
  • TONS OF UNIQUE LEVELS – Over 160+ puzzles are unique and full of fun and amazing challenges!
  • EASY AND FUN PLAY – Easy to learn and fun to master gameplay
  • NO TIME LIMIT – Enjoy game for any time, anywhere and a short time.
  • STUNNING GRAPHICS – Soothing sounds and gorgeous visual effects Just try this fun and relaxing block puzzle game!!!
  • Download NOW!

Download Hexa Rune Gems on IOS