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Bionic Bird a Chaos Rift Original

Bionic Bird is an infuriatingly difficult casual game in which you need to steer a hapless bionic bird through pillars of death!

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 Power through the gap

The principle of Bionic Bird is very simple – to fly through as many gaps as you can without hitting a pillar. It’s a similar gaming mechanic to the popular tap-to-fly Rocket Shark. It’s fun – but insanely frustrating!

Tap to fly

The controls in Bionic Bird are simple – you just tap to fly – but the game is so hard that you can spend an hour practicing and you’ll still only have made it through five or six gaps. Sometimes you’ll think that you’ve made it through a gap only to clip the edge of the pillar on your way back and then it’s back to the beginning for you.

Bionic Flappy Bird Level
Flappy Bird never looked so sexy as a Bionic Bird

Bionic bird himself is cute and his pixelated face makes you feel all the sorrier when you smack him into a pillar for the 100th time.

Crazy fun

Bionic Bird can be so annoying that you’ll want to throw your phone out of the window, and at the same time it hooks you into coming back as you think “surely I’ll get the hang of it now”. Once you’ve installed Bionic Bird you’ll never be the same!

This is actually a pretty high score


Bionic Bird
Flappy Bird Never had it so hard.

Because of it’s international success sweeping through the world I finally gave Bionic Bird it’s own website. Honestly, I thought the game wouldn’t get noticed and I could eventually remove it from the App Store. Thank you everyone for continuing to download, play and share this amazing little game. I can’t wait to see the first Platinum trophy awarded.