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About The Chaos Rift

The Chaos Rift | About Us

Pardon the mess, we’re in a(nother) transitional period.

Chaos Rift Games was “founded” by Craig Giannelli in 2001. It was originally a project website to write about the latest games and start working on our own games. But this was also the dark ages of technology and career. So the idea was put on hold but not forgotten while the world evolved to a place that could handle us. Chaos Rift Games was an early adopter of the Torque3D engine released by Garage Games, the makers of Tribes. Unfortunately plans don’t always go the as expected. The lack of financial independence to work full time on games was not there. I needed a career first. Writing about video games became the mainstay of Chaos Rift Games for many years. But childhood dreams have a way of not letting go. Our business Model is simple: Produce few games each year that are High Quality, enjoyable games. We do not believe in, nor can we really afford to saturate our marketspace with crap, low quality games. That’s not what I believe in, that’s not what I like. Our free to play games have minimal banner ads and very few if any “Full screen ads” to frustrate and chase you away. What you end up getting is a really fun experience. The goal will always be small shop, hand crafted games that are what I want to play.

How the Games are Built

What started it off was an exceptional tool called BuildBox. It’s exceptionally limited as it was geared more for low quality single level games like endless runners and endless Flappy Bird clones. Rocket Shark was the only BuildBox game we released and it pushed the limits of what BuildBox was capable of in performance and gaming. A better solution was needed in order to push quality games out. Super Panda Adventure Tour was born using Unity3d. A gaming Engine I’ve adopted and use exclusively. The choise of Unity was a tossup between CryEngine and Unreal. Crytek was eliminated pretty early because there was just no educational resources around it. Unreal had a handful of courses on Udemy. I bought one, a mega 50+ hour course by the champion of education Ben Tristem…. But Unity3D had/has a massive community and libraries full of educational material. It was super easy to jump in and start learning along with the educators. Even courses 5 years old (super outdated) were relevant as Unity does’t change much on the outside. This was my deciding factor and I sadly ditched Unreal and the 50 hours of course material. Then 635 hours of video lessons (according to Udemy) later I’m still going strong with Unity3d.

Need Help with your own Game or a Publisher?

Chaos Rift Games is a small shop. But that doesn’t mean we won’t help out fellow Indie Game Devs. If you need help pushing that project to completion. Are down to a beer and hug budget and willing to do a revenue share, we’re all for it. You don’t swim by holding others under water.

The Best way to Invest in us

Chaos Rift Games’ goal is to raise up $5 million to fund development of our next games. An Interactive world RPG “Immortal Realm” and an episodal Top/Down Zombie Shooter “Steam City Chaos”. We need art assets, a programmer or two and time. If you’re just a player or avid fan, the best thing is to simply buy the “No-ads” version of the game via In-App Purchases. Or buy other trinkets. They’re mostly a “thank you” because the items are all pretty easy to earn in game. Share, like and Subscribe to our Social media. The links are all at the very top of the website and viewable on every page. It’s super easy and doesn’t require much of your own time. It’s FREE to do too! This is an amazing way to help Chaos Rift Games and really be part of something.

How to Find our Mobile Games:

On Apple Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/developer/chaosrift-entertainment-llc/id1236510662

On Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Deverydoo+Publishing