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About The Chaos Rift

The Chaos Rift | About Us

The Chaos Rift: A community of true gamers who appreciate gaming in its unadulterated form.

Welcome to The Chaos Rift, an online all-things-gaming resource that’s initiated by gamers, for gamers. Enjoy relevant gaming reviews and opinions, latest buzz and news about gaming and even video blogs, here at The Chaos Rift.

The Chaos Rift is based on the simple principle of delivering gaming news, reviews, and videos in its pure, untarnished form. This means we’re completely abandoning conventional gaming press standards and traditional journalism to bring to you a fresh perspective on gaming insight. Why is that, you ask? Well, let’s face it. Gaming has become more than a passion – it has become an industry, a media niche. This evolution of gaming has made gaming journalism extremely orthodox – and that’s exactly what we’re changing.

We know there are gamers out there like us who appreciate gaming in its raw form, so we’re offering reviews, opinions, news, and more in the most unique, honest, and raw form. You know the things about gaming you actually care about? Basically, we’re catering to that. We’ve been around since 2002 and much has changed about us, but our original vision of staying true to gaming remains intact.

Who We Are

The Chaos Rift is a gaming blog and vlog, courtesy of a bunch of avid gamers who spend a considerable amount of time gaming (that is, when we’re not creating or editing videos and blog posts). We’re writers, editors, tech-savvy animators, and most importantly, we’re gamers. We’ve been in the gaming scene for more than 13 years now and we’re not looking back! Over the years, we have attained an eye for the right gaming elements that allows us to post helpful and relevant reviews and opinions, and we’re always sourcing the hottest gaming news to deliver firsthand here. In short, we’re devoted to gaming and will continue to keep The Chaos Rift an active and dependable source of gaming reviews and videos for you.

By Gamers, for Gamers

We’ve always regarded The Chaos Rift as an open platform started by gamers, intended for gamers. Anyone who appreciates true gaming insight and reviews is welcome here and we enjoy having an audience of passionate gamers just like us. We go to all extents to ensure that the updates here and on our YouTube channel are relevant to our users. Thus, whether you’re a novice entering the world of gaming for the first time or have been a pro gamer for years, there’s stuff here that caters to all gamers.

All reviews and opinions posted on The Chaos Rift are intended for helpful purposes, but they still are our personal reviews and honest opinions – a fact you’ll notice by our informal and frank tone of reviews. We’re not going to go with the flow or follow the trends but rather, give you real opinions so true gamers know where to go to when they want real insight about games. From telling you which games are worth the money to which games are awesome and should be worshipped, our reviews are made to help you know gaming better Of course, like all gamers, we love some games and hate some – but what’s important is we try to cover as many games as possible in our reviews.

At the end of the day, we hope you enjoy the fresh take on gaming that we offer to you! Want to buy a game but don’t know which one to get? Our reviews might help! Browse reviews or other blog posts, check out the videos we put so much effort in making on our YouTube channel, follow us on Twitter, or give us a ‘Like’ on our Facebook page.