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Pardon the mess, we’re in a transitional period.

The Chaos Rift, founded by Craig in 2001 as a basic blog to write and talk about video games. What started out as a casual hobby about a passion, evolved into YouTube Videos and now the current form of: Self Publishing video games. I’m “Making the games I want to Play”.


Chaos Rift Games Was originally started with the goal of making video games when Torque3D was released upon the world by Garage Games. Unfortunately life doesn’t always go the planned route. So there was a detour to find stability and a career outside of gaming was formed. Writing about video games became the mainstay of Chaos Rift Games for many years. But childhood dreams have a way of not letting go. So here I am, a team of 1 currently developing small, fun games for the mobile market. My plan is to expand into the PC and Console markets. The flagship game “Super Panda Adventure Tour” may be that game.

Self publishing as a team of 1 is not without it’s challenges. There’s no support structure, no one knows you and there’s only 24 hours in each day where a few have to go to sleep and maybe eating. There’s also that “day job” thing to pay the bills and fund the game development. But being an indie shop is fun and hopefully pays off by making millions of people smile and entertained with my games.

The goal will always be small shop, hand crafted games that are what I, and someday “we” will want to play.

How the Games are Built

What started it off was an exceptional tool called BuildBox. It’s exceptionally limited as it was geared more for endless runners and single world, single scoring type games. Rocket Shark Pushed the limits of BuildBox and I needed something better for my next game, a Platformer in the spirit and honor of my first video game ever: Mario Brothers.

I chose Unity3d. It was a tossup between CryEngine, Unreal and Unity. Crytek was eliminated pretty early because there was just no educational resources around it. Unreal had “Bill Tristam” teaching a mega 50 hour course on Udemy, and was the first course I bought. A Course I actually never used…

Bill also offered a course on Unity that I snatched up… and sat on for 6 months. I again followed my “Day job” and took up Python programming and side tracked into Deep Learning, Data Science and Tensorflow/Torch because they could bring me right back to where I am today… Making games.

Unity3d was chosen because after my distraction, the courses on Udemy exploded with Unity. There were some good courses and some horrible ones (Yohan). Roughly 170 courses later I was back to where I needed to be. If you really want an amazing course, take the “Dead Earth” series. The guy talks forever, but it’s possibly the highest quality course out there aside from Bill’s course.

So that’s basically it. The History and the Future of the Chaos Rift.

Need a Publisher?

If you’ve made a great indie game and want to publish, but don’t want the hassle of dealing with the App stores, setting up accounts, getting buried under 1,000,000 other indie devs, or perhaps you “can’t publish”, we can work something out. I’m a small (1 person) shop that fully believes in helping others succeed.

The Best way to Donate

You don’t. If you really want to help “get the ball rolling”, download, keep and play Chaos Rift published games. Share with your friends and possibly do a small “In App Purchase”.

How to Find our Games:

On Apple Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/developer/craig-giannelli/id1236510662

On Google Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Chaos+Rift+Entertainment,+LLC