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So this Just happened!

panda swagger animal friends

We completed the store page, marketing and uploaded the App to Steam! Everything has been submit and pending approval! This Promo video is totally awesome. This is huge. Marketing on Mobile was just the tip. Honestly I thought that was a pain in the ass. Steam has so many more …

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Fuck Epic and Unreal Engine

I’m in a weird position here. I’m a game maker/publisher, but at heart I am a gamer. I love video games and have put way more hours of my life into video games than any human ever should. But there’s a disturbance in the video game world and it’s NOT …

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The Path to PC and Return of Cartoon Shading!

animal friends cartoon

This really is exciting (to me at least). Before releasing on Mobile I had spent considerable time tuning the cartoon shaders and finding the right one on the Unity Asset store that worked how I wanted it to. But Mobile is a special kind of beast and somewhere along the …

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