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Rocket Shark – Another Chaos Rift Original

Rocket Shark has broken free of the oceans and taken to the skies. Navigate him through 5 insanely challenging levels and beat your friend’s high scores! This game is so addictive, you’ll forget where you are!

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Rocket shark features a deceptively simple to play, impossible to put down interface. You’ll be playing in the malls, subways, buses – anywhere you can, just to get your fix. Enjoy your time with this lovable shark.Rocket shark is NOT a Flappy Bird Clone. This game is entirely different and more akin to Mario or Super Meat Boy.


Rocket Shark Screenshot
There’s snow in this level. It’s cold but Sharky man handles it well.


  • Simple, one tap control. Tap anywhere on the screen and Rocket Shark ascends.
  • A shark with a Rocket Jet Pack.
  • Swinging spike balls
  • Flame towers
  • Attack Birds
  • Beautiful parallax backgrounds
  • Awesome Soundtrack!
Rocket Shark Screenshot
Yeah this level is impossibly hard. I love it.


  • 5 amazing and thematic levels.
  • Random level generation giving an infinite variety of play and new challenges!
  • Various obstacles and environmental hazards to really push your limits.
  • Progressively more difficult gameplay as you progress. Can you even get past level 1?
  • Ability to share your high score for the world to gawk at your glory.
  • Awesome music score to really set the mood for each level.
Rocket Shark Screenshot
There’s some amazingly beautiful parallax backgrounds in this game.

Free updates for this app as more levels are planned to be added. This is an amazing game and Rocket Shark thanks you for helping him reach the end of Level 5.