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No Man’s Sky NEXT: It’s like falling in love all over again.

It was just last night that No Man’s Sky wildly anticipated update NEXT was released. What an update it was, if you can even call it that. It was as if NMS finally came out of a long term beta and is now a fully fledged game. It’s almost enough of an update to be considered NMS 2.

No Man’s Sky NEXT 3rd person.
NEXT has a third person view to really add depth and loneliness to the infinite space.

It’s Literally Starting over

Don’t worry your base you spent months working on and placing everything all perfect is safe. It’s just packed up in a box.  You’re evicted and it’s moving day.

The 170 hours I put into Survival Mode was almost entirely wiped out. Sure I have my ships, freighter and 100 million in the bank, but that’s it. All my tech, save a few modules is gone. Wiped out of existence. I have a Suit, multitool and ships full of Obsolete tech that needs to go away.

And I don’t care!

I’m not all butthurt over the epic loss and practically restarting. There’s just so much new stuff, a completely reworked game it is a new game. So the cash on hand and few resources will save me 10 hours of farming and grind. It’ll get me exploring and reliving the game again with fresh new eyes. No the old jaded eyes of a Hohum update that other game updates have brought on in the past.

Updated and more real look

There’s now atmospheric layers and actual visible clouds. Planet generation seems to be a lot better with very improved texturing. Gone is the 70’s sci-if look, though it’s still got that appeal. No Man’s Sky has a matured look with nostalgic feel.

Guy in space station.
What you looking at bub?

Space Stations finally got their open floor plan. Some walls knocked down and vendor booths set up as one would expect from a galactic hotspot. No more long hallway to an isolated bar and strange looks like you’re a city boy in a biker bar.

There’s so much to do

There’s quests and lots of them. No matter where you are in the galaxy, there are people in need. So there’s an enhanced quest system to lead you through the galaxy into the great unknown. I’ve barely even scratched the surface of these quests as I only got a few hours to play. I finally took a much needed break from Unity3D and building my own game.

Crafting gone wild

I’ve seen people freaking out on the forums over the greatly expanded list of elements and crafting ingredients. This system looks like it got the most attention and one I cannot wait to get into. You now really have to explore. I mean seriously the crafting system makes you travel because you need a lot of different resources. No more bump scanning and finding the same damn 5 resources in every system you visit. Now you find the same 20 (joke, i hope)

Wheras in the previous No Man’s Sky, plutonium was the god of all resources, now it’s di-hydrogen. But H2 is by no means rare. It’s just 1 ingredient in a set that you need to take off from planets. Worry not though, fuel is easy to buy on the galactic markets. I spent a few million to buy out all the stock and to my pleasant surprise, one fill up lasts a while.

I’m thankful for the update. I now have a fun escape from the Immortal Realm. THe draw for me is that No Man’s Sky Cana be played casually or hardcore. I can come in and drop out any time and the game will just be cool with that. No 30 minute dialog filled cutscene that I need to remember key points to in order to resolve a quest. I can simply log in as if taking a long nap, be completely lost and it won’t matter. No matter where you are in the game, you are lost.

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