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Animal Friends Adventure Just got a Massive Update!

I’m so excited to present this game to the world (again)! It’s been a long 3 months since release but work never stops. The game has been lovingly updated with all new assets. Trees, grass, seaweed, cactus and so much more. All new textures, AI, monsters and a completely revamped combat system for your enjoyment.

This rocks my world.

The most exciting thing is the AI. I wrote this entirely myself. It was the first “NPC AI” I have ever written and it’s pretty darn feature rich. Tech Mumble Alert: I use a series of Raycasts for the creatures to feel their world. This lets them react to changes, like blocks pushed in their way and moving platforms. When they see the player they will either shoot at or punch them. They react to your presence and even have reaction time/reflexes. I’ll keep building on the AI as time affords me, but it is pretty darn cool in the current state.

The AAA look is from “Ambient Skies” post processing filters by Procedural Worlds. Even after all the graphical updates the world had a “washed out look”. Lighting was just terrible. Adam uploaded a youtube video, so I got the tool and was immediately impressed by it. 3 days later the game looked like it was made by a Million dollar studio, not one guy in the basement.

Trees are from Speedtree. Even Microsoft uses this for Forza. Capcom uses them for Monster Hunter World… Add wind zones and Speedtrees come alive. NatureManufacture was used for the different ice, snow, waterfalls and water in the scenes.

All these additional Unity Assets work together to make the game look amazing and really allow small shops like me to achieve great things. In the Indie game world, we all work together and achieve great things.

Anyway, get downloading this amazing game!

For information on the game check out the Official Site: https://superpandaadventure.com/ and

On the Microsoft Store: https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9NH2JP63GC5V
On the Steam Store: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1051470/Animal_Friends_Adventure/

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