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Animal Friends Released to the World

We’re proud to announce Animal Friends Adventure is available on Steam and the XBOX One. This is an amazing step for our small Indie Dev studio. We love gaming and making video games. It’s our one passion in life and this is an amazing opportunity.

For the price of two large mocha coffees at Starbucks you can support our future endeavors to make more games, bigger, better games. To us gaming is not just a hobby, gaming is life. We want to bring our worlds alive and make them for your enjoyment.

Thank you for your patronage and we look forward to a long career in entertaining. Please share our games and read the word so we can continue our endeavor of passion and love.

About Craig

Craig is the founder of The Chaos Rift and developer of the games published here. In his spare time he'll also write about games, play games and dream about games. Being a Game developer has been a dream of Craig's since he was 14 and after some detours has finally started to realize his dreams.

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