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Welcome Twitch Streamers!

Thank you all for your great interest in “Animal Friends Adventure”. This is all new to me. I work 16 hour days to build and publish a game on Steamgames and it’s finally there. “It’s over, you can finally rest and celebrate” most would think. Nope. There’s a ton of PR work that needs to be done. Articles published on the various sites I built and then there’s the Streamers!

That’s not a bad thing. Streamers are the lifeblood in the new era of video games and Indie Devs. They are the most valuable resource we have as gamers and as Game Devs. Am I laying it on a bit thick? Somewhat, but it’s true.

Two days ago I was unknown to the world. Had 7 games on IOS that were semi popular, but got buried in the endless deluge of new crap apps flooding the mobile market. But Steam, Steam is this magical dream. I’ve bought close to 600 games on that platform, collected from when they first opened shop. Steam knows gaming, Steam IS gaming.

Barely a day has passed since publishing on Steam and I start getting emails to my support address. Not spam, but actual human beings contacting me. They are Streamers on Twitch and they want to play my game! I have never been in this situation. I don’t know what to do. But I’m giving them keys to my game because It’s all I have to give at this moment. I’m not rich, I’m just one person struggling to make ends meet. Someone who just wants to play more video games.

Please Bear with me on This

It’s scary sending out emails to strangers asking for free copies of their game. I respect that you all have done this. It’s flattering. I’m so not worthy, but here you are being awesome.

I may be a bit slow responding. I’m not ignoring you, I’m just a bit busy with Post release stuff and doing things I’m terrible at. I can’t be on every forum, every reddit and every Facebook page at one time. I’m not Derek Smart.

I’ll give keys no problem to streamers as long as you have 1000 or more subscribers. Less is ok, but keys are limited so I do need to ration them at first as I learn how to handle this new stuff. Why 1000? Because that’s where I am with my own YouTube Channel and know just how difficult, how dedicated you need to be to get that far.

Anyway, a big thank you to all the streamers reaching out to me. A big apology for my boring replies. I’m a bit tired. Today I was awake at 5am, ugh.

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