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No Man’s Sky – The most Hostile Planet I’ve been on

Aside from cleaning up Dinosaur poop, this No Man’s Sky planet was a pretty dangerous.

The environment alone would kill most people, with highly radioactive storms hitting every few minutes, if you wander too far from a base, or run out of shield power, you’re dead.

Then there were the frenzied sentinels, they were like museum curators when tourists take pictures. Scan a plant, death sentence. Get too close to a rock formation, death sentence. These guys were gun crazy mall cops. Then there was the wildlife. this planet was rife with it. Giant beasts, space whales and all sorts of in-between. Most were herbivore, but the carnivores hiding in the pack would spring at you in a moment’s notice. After all of this you’d think someone would want to escape this forsaken hellhole. Not me, I got a 3 solar day trophy for sticking it through. At the same time, a trophy for 70 sentinel kills.

I explored this planet for a while, through the harshness. Through constant sentinel attacks and draining of shields. It was worth it in the end. The planet was fun.


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