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No Mans Sky – Farming Money the fast way

Farming money in No Man’s Sky can be quite a daunting task. You need a lot of it to upgrade your ships (unless you scour crash sites). Thankfully for the impatient, there’s Sac Venom. If you’re fortunate enough to find a planet with these guys, then farming your way to vast riches is a breeze.

Really quick tip here. I found that the No Man’s Sky sac Venom goes for a lot of money on the market, about 24,000. But they’re also “illegal” to poach. You’re branded 3 stars and the Elite sentinels immediately hunt you.

First thing you’d want to do is find yourself an outpost with a market terminal. Once you’ve established a base, rush to the farthest poison sac and start shooting/collecting as you rush back to base to sell. Instant money.

The best way to avoid sentinels, which is sadly not featured in the video, is to modify the “shotgun” adapter for your multitool. Add in as many extended clips and damage mods as possible as well. This will let you go farming money right in from of the sentinels.

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