Fallout 4 Tip – Activating your Headlamp

While Fallout 4 is a fantastic game, there’s a ton of quirks that are just a pain in the arse. One such quirk is how to turn on your flashlight/headlamp as well as getting companions into and out of power armor.

To activate your headlamp hold down the pipboy key. On PC this is TAB, xbox ‘B’ and PS4 it’s ‘Circle’.


To get a companion into power armor, walk up and ‘Command’ them, then point to the power armor and an option to “get into power armor” should appear. This is glitchy so make sure you are on a flat surface with lots of space around it.

To get your companion OUT of power armor, walk up and “command” them, then select “talk” and the bottom option is lengthy “I need you to get out of the power armor”. Bingo!

Now get out there and save the minute men, or your son, or just kill everyone. The Apocalyptic world is yours.



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