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Bayonetta Chapter 1: Lots of Climaxing

Back with Bayonetta!

This video “Let’s Play” takes place in Bayonetta’s official Chapter 1. This is a chapter that introduces massive bosses, mini puzzles and a whole lotta whoop ass.


The video sees Bayonetta in search of a diamond, one that is not only super sparkly, but one that’s worth a ton of cash. A value no one can afford so it was promptly taken off the market. She takes the train in to the station, an odd town, where she walks through humans as if they were wisps, spirits of a lost civilization. Perhaps it is because Bayonetta is in the spirit world and this is how she perceives the physical world.

The Climax move, as we find out if the finishing kill. It’s an upgraded form of “Torture Kill” reserved for boss characters. Bayonetta’s hair, a living entity of it’s own right, that seemingly forms her clothing as well, takes form. It strips from her body, leaving a nude body behind, forms a dragon of frightening proportion and consumes the boss enemy like a dog eating a rabbit it just caught in the backyard. The kill is very awesome and satisfying to watch. If you’re a teen boy, keep tissues nearby.

I’m loving Bayonetta and can’t wait to write an official review on her exploits through the alternate reality. Till next time keep watching and thanks for stopping by.

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