Bayonetta: Prologue The Awakening

Bayonetta Awakens

This first Bayonetta “Let’s Play” video takes place in the first 2 chapters of the game, after a rather lengthy (cut for brevity) introduction and action scenes. You get a taste for the splendor of the game right off the bat.

About Bayonetta

While America worries about being inclusive to everything and safe for everyone’s feelings; SEGA of Japan gives the middle finger to the SJW agenda with Bayonetta. Featuring an overly (awesomely) sexualized female antagonist who made a pact with the devil and has to kill God’s messengers. It’s the female answer to the ever popular Devil May Cry series.

Everything about Bayonetta is edgy and over the top. From the racist stereotyping of some fat Italian guy, to the sexyness of the titular character Cereza. Bayonetta is a series of action sequences and insanity that is sure to entertain.

Bayonetta is a fun game, full of fast action speckled with cinematics that pull and push you through the game at blazing speeds.

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