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December, 2015

  • 30 December

    Elite Dangerous Horizons: Guide to Making Money with Robigo Shaodow Delivery Missions

    Under the Sun

    Robigo Shadow Deliveries Robigo is a fringe system about 350 Lightyears outside of the inhabited empires space. It’s a small civilian platform hovering around some small ringed planet in the middle of a nameless star cluster. But they have a lot of illegal goods and need you to long distance …

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  • 21 December

    Just Cause 3 Explosive Attack on Platteforma Costa Sud

    Just Cause 3: Explosions to make Michael Bay Sport Wood I really regret the decision to finally get Just Cause 3. The game is so incredible, like living in an action movie. So this video and those following will be all about explosions, intense action and adrenaline. This game, it …

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  • 17 December

    Elite Horizons Guide to Making Money Bounty Hunting

    Elite Horizons

    Bounty Hunting For the Glory of Cash This guide to PVE Bounty Hunting in Elite Dangerous Horizons crams a lot into as short a video as Possible. No 30 minutes of bragging, rambling, and padded gameplay moments, just straight to the point on making you money! [appbox googleplay com.chaosrift.bionicbird ] …

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  • 9 December

    Elite Dangerous Horizons Video: Exploding on Moons

    Elite Dangerous Horizons

    Elite Dangerous Horizons: To the Moon Baby With the awesomely massive scale of Elite Dangerous Horizons, is that it’s really difficult to keep a video cut down to under 10 minutes, but I’m trying. With the new features this game went from a small galaxy with 400 Billion solar systems, …

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Witcher 3: The hours sucked away

So here’s my debut video. The Witcher 3: Ugly Baby. The audio has a horrible …

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Back again

Not sure how many times I have to write that. Probably 1000 more. registered this …

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