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Star Citizen vs Elite Dangerous/Horizons Comparison

Star Citizen vs Elite

Due to Overwhelming and awesome demand, I have completely remade the original “Star Citizen vs Elite Dangerous combat style” video (linked at the bottom). I love both games. Having spent 2 weeks (336 hours) with Elite Dangerous/Horizons and admittedly less time with Star Citizen. In making this video I’ve learned a considerable amount about each game. In turn it has enhanced the experience to be more satisfying and fun.

Star Citizen ships featured were the Aurora, Mustang and Gladius.

Elite Dangerous ships featured were: Sidewinder, Eagle and Vulture.

Next video will have a handling comparison between the Gladius and the F7CM Super Hornet. The Constellation will make it’s appearance as will the Python, Cobra and other ships.

This round I did considerably more research on the ship sizes, class, weight and length. I then compiled them into a nice spreadsheet as noted in the image. The first thing to be aware of is that after converting Star Citizen ships to tons, their weight and even length is considerably less than their Elite Dangerous counterparts. The Starter Ship Aurora for instance is 8.25 tons and 18.5 meters in length. It’s Elite equivalent is the Sidewinder weighing in at a whopping 25 tons and just under 15 meters. They both have newb handling but the comparison really ends there. In reality, the ships all tend to handle and feel like they would in the real world. Heavier ships move slower than the smaller and lighter ones. My professional opinion is that if Star Citizen ships were brought into Elite, they’d conquer everything.

Elite Horizons Vs Star Citizen
Size matters not. (Matching Colors denote which ships were pit against each other in this video)

In an effort to keep the video short, each ship got only a short fragment of time to state it’s case and show off it’s skills. I would like to thank everyone who took the time to comment on the original video and provide their insight into how to improve, compare and handle each ship. For demanding I make a new and better video. While this one cannot cover everything in extreme depth, I can and will split into various videos covering more detailed topics in the near future.

The Original video which inspired the remix.


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