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Star Citizen ICC Mission Exploration

Star Citizen is already turning out to be an amazing game and only part of one star system has been released. We take some time and go through a bit of the ICC Mission.


When it boils down to getting places, my favorite ship is the Origin Jumpworks 350i. Initially built for racing, this ship gets you places in a hurry. So naturally, it was my Go-to ship for quickly exploring vast regions of space and Asteroid belts. The ICC probe is run by a very lonely Tessa, who sounds desperate for someone to talk to, or even listen to her crazy ramblings.

So for the first ICC mission she sends us off to an asteroid belt, with very little detail on what to do. The goal is to basically find beacons. These beacons are blinky red lights tucked behind asteroids among ship debris. Go to the blinky, click it and listen to the final words of the occupant.

The video in the article is all about exploration and trying new things in Star Citizen. The ICC Probe gives off some generic missions of fly to asteroid field and find something. but there’s more.

EVA in Star Citizen has been nearly perfected. I completely got vertigo on this run and I wasn’t even using an Oculus Rift. The details and scale of the asteroids are amazing.

Later in the video the 350i is put through some serious combat tests. While not a combat ship, it still handles the fight really well. Of course it just takes a little longer to shoot everything down. The guns on a 350i are more like Pellet guns and don’t do much damage.

Anyway, hope ya enjoy the video and can glean some useful tips on the ICC Mission. It’s not a pure Walkthrough persay, more of a feature set tour through these weird missions.


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