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Introducing Bad Panda

This must be as headache inducing to you as it is me. So many projects and nothing is quite yet complete. It’s the curse of genius without funding. 

Super Panda  Adventure Tour goes 3D and meets his Nemesis “Bad Panda”

Steam City is coming along absolutely amazingly. I’ve learned so much and done great things, even my own (very limited) 3D asset modeling. But there is an incredible amount of things left to do. So much in fact I get migraine headaches just thinking about it. But the game will get done because I love the game, Ryerson Shippee (our official composer) loves the game. But he needs to get paid, I need to stop spending (investing) money at the Unity Asset store.

ADHD history moment!

Ever since releasing Super Panda Adventure Tour I’ve been updating it and looking to do a sequel. Then during some unity courses I started Immortal Realm. It exploded from a basic dungeon crawl to a fully blown MMORPG game. It’s being worked on in the background little by little each day and has a deep and involved story line spanning 20 years of refinement.

Immortal Realm was getting expensive to make on a hobby budget so I had to shift gears to something I could release quicker. “Apocalyptic Shooter” was born which evolved into “Steam City Chaos”. This was spawned from an extremely involved series of Unity 3D courses on zombie survival games. I thought the game would release quick but damn I was wrong again. There were a lot of technical issues getting the custom AI to integrate with Invector and refining it to the amazingly efficient AI it is today. Then there was the level generation issues and User interface and enemy spawning and navigation… 

Enter Sandman I mean Panda

So I have an almost complete 2.5D adventure game consisting of 40 levels in a wild variety of environments. There’s a refined story line, pets and all sorts of great things ready to hit the App stores. It’s 95% complete. I’m adding in the finishing touches, animal characters, shader effects to make everything look cartoony and storyline. 

Consistency is key here. I bought an animal friends pack that was pretty awesome. They do look like Pixar characters but that wasn’t my artistic choice. Their custom animations add so much character, it’s amazing. I love them all. My favorite though is Deer. 

Each Character has personality

There’s 8 playable characters. I’m not sure how many will make initial release. each one has their own personality, which adds to their complexity. Rabbit runs super fast and kills with a sniper rifle because he’s crazy. Deer kills with hand-grenades of love and throws confetti around.  Bear punches things and the list goes on. Bad Panda is just a jerk and tosses poop. 

That’s just it though. The game is amazingly colorful and fun. It’s alive and wonderful. It’s almost ready to hit the market and I’m super excited to bring this to you. My games take so much longer to release because I care so damn much about your experience with them. I want you to enjoy them. Genuinely have fun. 

Thank you and good night. 

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Craig is the founder of The Chaos Rift and developer of the games published here. In his spare time he'll also write about games, play games and dream about games. Being a Game developer has been a dream of Craig's since he was 14 and after some detours has finally started to realize his dreams.

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