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On this Rainy Afternoon, The Witcher 3 has been completed

The Witcher 3 Was a Grand Game

No other game of recent years has been able to even manage what The Witcher 3 has achieved. A little company called CDProjekt has managed to press out a rare gem in gaming history.

It’s raining to epic portions this weekend, so it was time to take the plunge. I had already worked out nearly 100 hours in the Witcher world. Cranking out every side quest, monster hunt and armor collection that I possibly could. It was an obsession to complete as much as I could in the time given. That in itself was a huge undertaking.

Unlike most games side quests playing the FedEx driver delivering stupid items fetched from all over the continent, Witcher was different. Almost all the sidequests had tangible meaning and a well written story to go along. Just the Bloody Barron, one of the most disturbing stories in the game was quite possibly one of the best.

The final showdown with the Wild Hunt and Eredin proved to be an epic battle. It wasn’t too long, the preparations for war took much longer. The battle was just right without being drawn out into far too many phases. There was plenty of challenge throughout the battles to keep things interesting and moving the story along.

While the endgame was quick, it didn’t feel that the devs rushed it through. The buildup to the actual battle was a series of faceplants wondering “Is this done yet?” But it lead into a perfectly timed climax.

The story of Ciri and Geralt was sad indeed. Geralt loved Ciri more than anyone, even Yennefer, to whom he spent 2.5 Witcher games chasing. But Ciri had to do what she did for the good of all civilized worlds.

I’ve played a lot of Video games and a good 90% have been long since forgotten, at times I forgot I even played them. But the entire Witcher series: 1, 2 and 3 have stuck with me, even years later. They’re so well written and the games visualize the book source material perfectly. I would grant this game of the century award if I could. It was just so well executed.

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