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Life is Strange – Late to the Game

Life is Strange

I’m admittedly late to the game and since starting have been playing through like a madman. Never thought I’d be so excited to be an 18 year old female high-school student. But here I am, eager to put all life aside to jump back into the role.

I’ve ignored so many posts about this game, raving about how great it is, how it’s got this deep and well written storyline. I was so into the Witcher 3 that this game was overlooked. But now I am so glad to have been able to take up the controls of Max for a wonderfully emotional trip through adolescence.

Max has this power, she can rewind time. But as most powers there is some price. Her price is a massive concussion-like headache that leaves her crippled for a while. You can make choices, then go back on them if it’s not something you really wanted to make. Like the time this guy was holding a knife of Kate and Max, I chose to shoot the bugger, but the gun was unloaded. So now he remembers what I did. That moment could be rewound, but the decision was made to let him know he will get shot if there is a next time.

All rewind moments don’t have to be so dramatic. It could be innocent as helping your friend Warren with his lab experiment, or mischievously tell him to put too much of an element in and have it explode instead. The latter was way more fun and after a rewind an even more fun option was available.

Life is Strange is an emotional roller-coaster.  It has every bit of the teen year drama would expect in a well presented form. You have the “allusion” that several of the main characters are involved in a date-rape scheme at these super exclusive parties. They lure unsuspecting victims in, drug them, take humiliating photos and possibly hand them off to the school rich boy for him to do what he does. At this point though (just starting episode 3), it’s unknown if he’s truly guilty, or just a spoiled bitch.

In all, I’m hooked on this game in a way that I didn’t think possible. The last time was the really well written adventure game “The Longest Journey”. I’m filling up my Youtube channel with tons of Life is Strange content and for that I apologize. I’ll be back to playing random games once this is through.


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