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Layers of Fear – Halloween Special

Layers of Fear

The game “Layers of Fear” starts off innocently enough. You are entering a rather large house. You find little love notes scattered about and the works of the resident artist. So one would think this is a cute game. Oh, but it is not.

Layers of Fear is pure evil. It’s the terror that sits in your soul awaiting the freedom to destroy your mind. It’s like having a little sister who’s sole purpose in life is to scare you at every waking moment. Yes, this game crawls into your mind and pulls the strings of terror at every chance it gets.

The paintings in the house tell a story. A story of murder and terror. There’s family paintings and all sorts of other’s that hint away at what happened in the house. I’m no more than 40 minutes into the game so cannot surmise too much beyond these humble beginnings. Knowing nothing about¬†Layers of Fear keeps the suspense and fright factor going. It’s really hard to scare me, to get any emotional reaction, so if this game can do that, it’s a surefire win for the less hardy of the population.

If you’re looking for a reason to stay up at night, this is the game for you. There’s use of jump scares in Layers of Fear, they’re the cliche slamming door and ghastly images. When you’re ever so focused on reading the words just beyond the window, and it slams shut in your face, you will be scared.

My guess is that the house is haunted by a poltergeist. A very evil one at that. It throws food, flesh and knives at you. It changes the ordering of the rooms behind each door you pass. Turning around only brings you to a different section of the house. In actuality you are trapped. A subject to some cruel apparitions whims of break down your mind and feed off the terror within.

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