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Attack on Titan: The Game so far

Attack on Titan: The Video Game

Attack on Titan: AOT Wings of Freedom was released way back in August 2016. But, having never watched the hit and super popular Anime, I passed it by. It wasn’t until recently that my interest in tack on Titan was renewed.

Attack on Titan, the anime, was brought up in the most unlikely of places. We were at a popular Irish tavern: Ri Ra’s. I sat across the table from an old Japanese friend of mine. There were beers in play and a bachelorette party just down the hall. We were distracted by the constant passing of pretty girls in skimpy outfits. His normally laser like focus on a topic was repeatedly broken by the parade of shorts tight and high, shorts barely covering. A buffett of sexy flesh to be enjoyed. It was a good moment to be alive and out on the town.

“What’s your opinion about Attack on Titan?”

But we were there because a friend had hit a milestone in life. That ever so frightening age of 40. The crest of the hill where all the shit starts rolling down. We are a group of board gamers as well as PC/Console. So that was the topic. His collection of Eldritch Horror add-ons and expansions was impressive indeed and there were so many new games on the horizon to talk about.

It all Begins here

The conversation about Attack on Titan came up because I was at a point of missing Anima. Having grown up with Maross/Robotech, Patlabor, Ghost in a Shell, Ninja Scroll and all the other greats I was going through a Dearth of good things to watch. Shows to distract me from the day job of as a programmer/developer and night job as a family man/gaming publication/Youtuber. Sadly time is always at a premium and I can’t write, nor game as often as one would like.

There was a sparkle in my Japanese friend’s eyes when I asked the question. “What’s your opinion about Attack on Titan?” My knowledge at the time was images of the Colossal Titan constantly printed in Kotaku, amidst their rage articles on how shitty the movie was and elitist banter. It as a huge turn off, but most of what Kotaku writes about is shit. So I had to ask a subject matter expert. Knowing the language he didn’t need subtitles and was fully immersed in the action of the show and the love triangles that are the centerpiece of all Anime.

The individual conversations at the table all stopped and listened in at the mention of this holy phrase: Attack on Titan. The barrage of scantily clad woman showing well defined abs and long, luscious legs faded off into the distance. The music seemed deadened as the group passionately spoke about AOT. This was it, this was their magical moment the one ring that brings us all together.

I made it home that night at an early 1:30am, crawled into bed only to be woken a few hours later at the first hint of sunlight. The rest of the weekend passed by, having forgotten all about the conversations of the previous night. There were trees to hem, beer and wine to bottle (I make my own wine and beer).

But I forgot…

A week or so later it was Mid October and I wanted some fresh content for my Youtube channel. It was getting stale with a lack of activity. I’ve been going crazy with online courses from Udemy, and neglecting my priorities. So I loaded up Steam (the game simply does not exist if not on Steam) and searched for some Scary games. Halloween is my favorite holiday. It’s the one day a year I can be creepy AF and scare the piss out of children without winding up in jail.

There it was, “Attack on Titan” in my suggested gaming list, nestled between the sweet anime breasts of “Sakura Beach” and “Sonicomi”. I quickly bought the game and impatiently awaited the download to complete. The Dual Shock 4 controller connected perfectly via Bluetooth and I was on the way to fast action gaming bliss. Those Titans were huge and creepy.

Titans are the things that cause nightmares. Giant naked people roaming blissfully through town, popping terrified people into their mouths like kibbles of crack. They seemed high and unaware as they roamed the streets eating people without a care in the world. Titans show gender traits, without the proper parts down below. My best guess it was how they got away with animating 20 meter tall naked people.

Attack on Titan, Wings of Freedom has me hooked. I’ll be sure to follow up the game by viewing the anime. Thank you for reading and sharing.

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