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Star Citizen’s Non Definitive Guide to the Aegis Reclaimer

This is most definitely not a definitive guide. It’s more like a blind cat chasing a mouse through a maze. You see, I just upgraded to the Aegis Reclaimer by trading in my Banu Defender and Freelancer ships.

I almost feel as if it were a mistake to trade those ships in. The Aegis Reclaimer is massive, it’s unwieldy, it’s a giant trash truck. That’s right. I traded in a glorious fighter spaceship to become a galactic sanitation engineer. What was I thinking? Oh that’s right, I really want the Endeavor but they haven’t released a package version I can afford yet, frowny face.

So after a week of connection, time, camera and computer issues I finally got enough to spice together a video of the Reclaimer and it’s expansive interior. It wasn’t a complete exploration though, there’s 3 decks and I only explored the living quarters. To me, that is the most important deck. The biggest win though, was that arrow, possibly a joke from a dev, pointing to the Elevator call button to get from flight deck to Crew deck.

After some exploration, I jump into the pilot seat, hover above port Olisar just within the Armistice zone and explore the Aegis Reclaimer claw control seat. Well nevermind, I couldn’t figure it out.

Then I set course for Daymar, all systems go, quantum drive activated. It truly is a great feeling getting that clunky old ship moving to it’s destination.

Quick Notes

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