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Star Citizen: Landing the Aegis Reclaimer on Daymar

Landing Crashing such a massive ship like the Aegis Reclaimer is a daunting and hair raising experience. This video is to show that you too can be an epic failure in landing such an unwieldy beast!

Having just entered orbit around the planet Daymar, we navigate the planet’s Nav Beacons to get on an approach angle to Arc Corp’s outpost. This is fully equipped with landing pads as well as ship terminals. The eventual goal is to take out the Tumbril Cyclone. Why not use a smaller ship I can actually handle? Glad you asked! Because I just upgraded my fleet with the Reclaimer and I wanted to get to know my overpriced purchase. I had a 20% off coupon and traded in my Banu Defender and Freelancer as well. This is not the LTI Warbond, though after all the crashes, I should have gotten LTI.

After lining up the Aegis Reclaimer we go full boost to the ship’s max speed of 980 meters per second. With 300 km to go, that’s just over 5 minutes providing the speed is constant, which it’s not. It’s more like a sporadic roller coaster of deceleration, accelerating, praying and cringing.

At around 20km out I dropped the Aegis Reclaimer into atmosphere and started dropping like a rock. All this despite thrusting upwards trying to fight against the planet’s gravity. Finally the ship bounces off the ground at 8km out and I limp the rest of the way in Precision flight mode.

Somehow the landing computer was not working, so I had to go at it fully manual. But it was a success. A small portion of the massive landing gear made it’s way on the landing pad! Though on exiting the ship, to my dismay I learned I was locked out with no way back in. This was not a total loss though. I landed where I needed to go so I could pull my Cyclone, which actually failed too… All the landing pads were full.


I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did making it. I decided to get back to making videos after a small Hiatus. Seeing my channel is almost to 1000 viewers I couldn’t stop just short of my ultimate goal! I’m also working on several major game projects. “Super Panda Adventure Tour 2” will be 2.5d platformer and my “yet to be named” RPG. The RPG will be bringing back some serious old school stuff like traps, environmental dangers and a plethora of classic dangers to bring your spirits down.

I also have a day job. So please donate so I can quit that time sink and focus on making awesome games! I’m working on raising $500,000 so I can be funded for 2 years development time.



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