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Super Panda Adventure Tour is getting some much needed love!

I recently made the decision to circle back to fixing “Super Panda Adventure Tour”. It has been, for a long while in need of some love. I’d also really love to release it on Steam this year. No InApp Purchases, just a one time target price of $5 or whatever Steam allows. I need to look into that. I’m really pushing to quit the “day job” and focus 100% on game development as my free time has been stolen away.
If all goes well this weekend, I should be able to package up the game and send it to Apple Store and Google Play. I’m really excited for this. It’s been way too long since I updated a game. I’ve been pounding away on Super Panda 2 and a yet-to-be-named RPG. (Actually I do have the name but it’s secret shhhh)
Super Panda in Unity3D
Not much has changed “visually”, but it works on so many more devices and resolutions.

What’s being fixed?

  • New Playable character, the Mystical Squirrel.
  • You can buy bats/weapons and Squirrel in the store for coins.
  • Revamped store to buy in game items with coins earned in game. (I’m honestly trying to keep InApp purchases as more of a donation than a requirement)
  • Banner ads moved around to be out of the way. (This is my main source of revenue, which is basically 1 Starbucks coffee a month.)
  • Screen formatting has been adjusted to fit on a much larger variety of devices and resolutions 🙂
  • UI tweaks to fix level select buttons that were hidden on some resolutions.
  • All around bug fixes.

On the Horizon

Slightly off topic plug. Fund raising! I’m trying to raise up $500,000 to quit the day job and focus 120% of my time on Chaos Rift Games! The best way to help is to download my games, play them, share them. Use InApp to buy something, even $0.99 helps. I still need to worry about Tax man, but that may be a 2x tax, one for the company then for “payroll”. I’ll need to hire a tax lawyer for that.

Super Panda Adventure Tour 2

Super Panda is in 2.5D! I’m just roughing the levels now, adding components and focusing on an enjoyable experience. See above how this can get released sooner! (Hint: Fund raising)

He’s got his own Currency!


Well heck, I may just keep that as the title *tongue emoji*. I’ve had this story-line, concepts and philosophy in my head and in writing for about 15 years now. It’s really been fleshed out and time to be presented to you. This is a departure from the cute and cuddly games I’ve been making. It’s dark, foreboding and horrifying. This will be a big game and it’s future rides on the success of the Super Panda series.

Lots of exciting plans ahead.

YouTube Channel

Almost at 1000 Subscribers. That has been an ultimate goal. It’s a pure hobby, just for fun. But I got goals. I’m not dropping “The Chaos Rift” channel anytime soon. It’ll eventually change over to game development, and progress of my various games.

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