Witcher 3: The hours sucked away

So here’s my debut video. The Witcher 3: Ugly Baby. The audio has a horrible echo that I will be fixing.

Granted, I love the Witcher series. It’s possibly my favorite (and well written) of the fictions. It also marks the first time I bought the books the game/movie was based off of. Ok, that was a white lie, I also read Jurassic Park and Alien.

This game has just gone on forever. I’ve been playing it since release, trying to hit all the POI’s and side quests and treasure hunts and boobs and secondary quests and prostitutes I could find. But dang this has been one very long journey. I know, the game could be considerably shorter should I just skip all that. Heck no! I’m all for the Yennifer and Triss side action, I mean stories.

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