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December, 2015

  • 9 December

    Elite Dangerous Horizons Video: Exploding on Moons

    Elite Dangerous Horizons

    Elite Dangerous Horizons: To the Moon Baby With the awesomely massive scale of Elite Dangerous Horizons, is that it’s really difficult to keep a video cut down to under 10 minutes, but I’m trying. With the new features this game went from a small galaxy with 400 Billion solar systems, …

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  • 8 December

    Star Wars Battlefront may lack “depth,” To no One’s Surprise

    Battlefront facing Vader

    Star Wars Battlefront was a highly talked about and anticipated game. The constant “dev” reveals showcased amazing graphics and artists visit to the actual filming locations to capture the soul of the Star Wars films. Then EA released a sneak preview under the guise of a “beta”. The world (including …

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  • 7 December

    Star Citizen: PTU 2.OH MY GOD it’s awesome


    I finally got my Star Citizen PTU 2.0 invite and yes, it was worth the wait. The game is almost stable and ready for full live test. This was made on my second or third run through after some crashes (it’s a lot more stable now). So things were a …

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November, 2015

  • 28 November

    Fallout4 How to Unlock the most Awesome Settlement: Spectacle Island

    Spectacle Island Boston Harbor

    Happy Black Friday! Spectacle Island in Boston Harbor is perhaps the largest expanse of land to build a settlement on. It’s not though, unlocked via the minutemen quests. Instead this goes through the later Railroad Safehouse quest lines. Note: This is not a definitive play by play walkthrough. However, there …

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