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Just Cause 3 Explosive Attack on Platteforma Costa Sud

Just Cause 3: Explosions to make Michael Bay Sport Wood

I really regret the decision to finally get Just Cause 3. The game is so incredible, like living in an action movie. So this video and those following will be all about explosions, intense action and adrenaline. This game, it just explodes at every opportunity. Quite honestly there hasn’t been such emphasis on fantastical explosions since the 1992 G.I. Joe Arcade Game By Konami

1992 G.I. Joe Arcade Game By Konami
This game was all about explosions and some guy name Joe.

Platteforma Costa Sud s quite possibly my favorite “base capture” to date. It was a tight area, filled with enemies, helicopters, naval support and death from every angle. I loved it. The action almost never stopped until the last enemy, the last capture point was wiped clean from the map. The intensity of it all was incredible.

So going forward, videos released in relation to Just Cause 3 will be action movie oriented adrenaline pumping short films. In the Chaosrift format, we’ll strive to keep videos under 10 minutes and keep chatter to a minimum.

So far there’s 5 videos being processed for release. Since there’s no real way to “rehearse”, the videos are all made on the fly having minimal knowledge of the area being attacked. There will be mistakes as even action heroes flounder around a bit. Some scenes may even appear out of order of the actual events to cut a better flow and maintain the excitement factor. We’re not going for top scores, maximum headshots and no deaths, we’re targeting the purity of action, excitement and intense moments.

So stay tuned for more explosive Just Cause 3 videos coming over the next several days. It may be Christmas holidays, but we’re still on the job making entertaining videos.

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