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Elite Horizons Guide to Making Money Bounty Hunting

Bounty Hunting For the Glory of Cash

This guide to PVE Bounty Hunting in Elite Dangerous Horizons crams a lot into as short a video as Possible. No 30 minutes of bragging, rambling, and padded gameplay moments, just straight to the point on making you money!

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The first step is to find yourself an ideal system. This Unicorn of systems should have planets with rings, nearby bases/outposts for repair and rearming. Also your choice on security level. Because I like making money with minimal risks, I choose a system that I am allied with.

Secondly you need to decide on your risk appetite within the actual “Resource Extraction Sites”. There is Low, Medium, High and Hazardous. With the LMH sites this denotes spawn rates. Low is great for miners and those who are just learning combat. There won’t be many ships spawning in your way. High is intense action and near constant spawns. Hazardous is a free for all as if you were in a zero security (Anarchy) system.

The only thing left is to get into that RES and get scanning/hunting.

Of notes: If you’re in a low power ship, let the system Authority shoot bounties first. Just fully scan them and wait. It’ll happen. Let the enemy shields drop, then go in guns blazing. This will mitigate your risk as well.

Target hardpoints like the power generator. It’ll bring even an Anaconda down pretty easily.

Get yourself a Kill Warrant Scanner too. This is bonus money. You may have to travel though, into Empire, Federation and Other space to collect your rewards. But it can add up to quite a nice bonus.

Lastly have fun. I know the tactics look “cheese”, but they’re all well within the established system. Survival, long duration in the RES and minimal repair cost is the goal. If you want challenge, change it up. How you play is your own choice.

Ship Build Used for Video

At the time of the video, I had just traded my A spec ASP in for a Python. What little money was left over was used to upgrade the Frameshift drive, power plant and Power distributor. Still, the ship is an expensive upgrade and was mostly D spec.

Because the Power distributor was C spec, and the use of energy weapons power balance was set to 2 clicks system and 4 Weapons. This gives the weak D Spec shields with 3 boosters the badly needed energy to keep charged. This also allows the weapons to recharge fast enough to minimize downtime. Less downtime means faster kills, more bounty.

Also, do to no power being directed to the engines turn radius and ship speed takes a huge hit, especially on D Spec thusters. To compensate the 2 medium guns are turreted multi-cannon and the 3 large weapons are gimbaled Burst Lasers. For me, this gave the best balance to finishing off fast moving ships, while giving the staying power of energy weapons. The more you need to get to station for ammo and repair, the less money made over time.

I had just gotten the Kill Warrant Scanner again for the video which adds a nice bonus. I make about a million extra creds per session because of it.

Also as pointed out by viewer “Martin Z”, kKnocking out the power plants used to blow up the ships. This is no longer the case. They just cripple the NPC’s so you can quickly dispatch them. For player ships you’re on half power and can hopefully scoot out before dying.


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