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Elite Dangerous Horizons Video: Exploding on Moons

Elite Dangerous Horizons: To the Moon Baby

With the awesomely massive scale of Elite Dangerous Horizons, is that it’s really difficult to keep a video cut down to under 10 minutes, but I’m trying. With the new features this game went from a small galaxy with 400 Billion solar systems, with up to 100 planets, to 400 billion systems with planets you can land on and explore!

So I first landed my Anaconda on the Dark Side of the Moon for an excursion into the great unknown. The scope alone of this massive cratered rock mind blowing. Flying between the 6 different outposts on it was the most epic video game experience in a long time. The thought that there’s over a billion other planets and moons just like this to land on. It’s overwhelming.

The clip illustrates the pure pleasure of breaking into outposts from the outside. Driving around through the areas and finally breaking the law. Because that’s what Elite is, a bunch of PIA laws that must be broken!

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