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Metal Gear Solid V and all It’s glory

Let’s Play Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has been released!!! Needless to say I am very excited for this game. It appears to be Hideo Kojima’s last though, and that’s a sad point.

Anyway, I’ve got 3 videos so far. This one is exploring the mother base for the very first time. It mostly though consists of knocking out and otherwise harassing staff.


This video is Episode 2: Saving “Kaz” Miller. It’s an hour so don’t feel obliged to watch it through.


Finally we have the first video actually taken. This one is the very start of the game.

I’m going to agree with the reviewers and say this game is an idealistic perfect 10. It has unicorns, ifrits, Phoenix Unicorns, Angry Gingers (never ever ever piss off a Ginger) and a bunch of other LSD inspired creations. Kojima must have just said “Meh, let’s go all out and freak the shit out of our fans.” He did a splendid job at that.

Metal Gear Solid line of games have always been exciting and pushing the limits. Metal Gear on the Nintendo basically invented stealth action.

When the series reemerged on the original Playstation as Metal Gear Solid things just took off. Hideo kept pushing the envelope on an obsessive agenda. When one game was done, he was already working on the next.

Aside from the obsessive and extremely perfectionist quality of these games, Hideo has always pushed the envelope of societal observation. From wars, to reliance on technology, he has always gone on a narrative to cover these sensitive topics. He’s a daring individual and his commentary on society will be sorely missed if this is his last game. Though he may very well be on “vacation” because his mind never really rested. He’s burned out and needs time to recover.

Honestly though, the Metal Gear series has always been close to my heart, since the Nintendo days, to MGS2 on the PS2, to the PS3 with MGS4. The games grew with each technology and really set the bar high for all other games to follow. The closest in quality and story telling, I’d have to say is the Witcher Series.

This is a bittersweet review, because I respect Kojima and all he has pioneered for the Video game industry. He’s brought mature subjects to the immature masses, and for that I thank him. I only regret never having met such a great man.

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