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Fresh update for an older Game: Super Panda Adventure Tour

Super Panda Adventure Tour may be pushing a year old but it’s still a favorite of mine. So I dove into the C# code and started hammering out the old dings and bugs that have been bothering me for a while. Give Panda a second chance, he’s such a fun character.

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Android Finally gets a working version!

It’s embarrassing to say the least, but Android version has been broken for far too long. Stan’s Ultimate Mobile is a great package, but it leaves to a ton of AndroidManifest.xml merge errors and the dreaded Dex build error. Pushing through these errors, failed build after failed build, pretty much ALL of Sunday it finally had a success. The whole “It’s 11:30pm, time for bed, one more try” thing. That last try paid off. Android got a working build after almost 6 embarrassingly long months.

This morning I gave Panda a good old playthrough and noticed a few minor bugs that I’ll fix today and tomorrow. Nothing game stopping. Dropped coins stopped being picked up (fix a bug get a bug, ugh). The Levelloading scene was also a bit laggy on opening the button. Fix a bug, make a bug.

Control scheme was updated and the control buttons made a touch smaller to be out of the way on mobile phones and tablet. the buttons are a little small, but they fit so much better with a wider variety of screen types.

Super Panda is gearing up to Debut on PC!

Super Panda is almost ready for his big debut. With the new round of bug fixes and performance enhancements he’s almost there. I’m scared and excited all at the same time.

Achievements are so much fun!

It’s been so long since I read the achievement phrases. As I was playing through the game it was pushing them out at me and it was hilarious. My old jokes, 200 of them being shown, fresh and new. It was so awesome. I do love this game.

Hey, so what are you waiting for? Give Super Panda Adventure Tour a new try.

Panda also got a slight rebranding move to the Deverydoo name. My cute, casual and platformer games will all be released up the Deverydoo name and the more serious, Immortal Realm and Steam City Chaos will fall under the Chaos rift brand.


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