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October, 2015

  • 18 October

    2015 Best Video Game Sex Scene goes to Geralt of Rivia in Heart of Stone

    Geralt sex

    The Witcher has never shied away from sexual encounters. In many cases it’s one of the main draws to the series. From Prostitutes to 3 way sex with Sorceresses, Geralt of Rivia is the man of the hour.

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  • 15 October

    Witcher 3 Expansion: Heart of Stone Review

    Heart of Stone

    Heart of Stone gets into an almost campy redux of the old “Princess and the Toad” storyline. This isn’t really a bad thing. There’s a lot of great story crammed into the touted “10+ hours” of gameplay. Granted I’ve only managed a few hours, but what I’ve seen I love …

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  • 13 October

    Took the Plunge into the World of Minecraft

    I finally went into the world of Minecraft. It’s been calling out to me for ages. So much about Minecraft to read that I had only glanced over and long forgotten. But this is it, an hour-forty of an absolute noob playing¬†Minecraft.   N00b isn’t even the word for this. …

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  • 11 October

    SOMA Game Review – soma is Just Not Worth the Money

    SOMA is a recently released Horror game by Frictional games. Described as a survival horror with an HR Giger feel. To be straight with ya, that’s bullshit. SOMA starts off interestingly enough. You’re a bookstore worker in a mundane life who has suffered brain damage from a car wreck. One …

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