Fallout4 Lost Patrol Part 2: The Satellite Array

This Fallout 4 side quest “Lost Patrol” is turning into a wild hunt. Love it. Moving on from the National Guard station, we head over to the Satellite array and face off with a lot of high powered mutants. I counted at least 3 elites. Making this one of the toughest sections (I’ve seen) so far.

There’s two mutants at the gate with their pet dogs. The top left dish has a rocket launching PIA mutant. One elite and normal to the right and another on the rocket dish.

Best strategy was to rush, duck and cover. Pick them off little by little. For me, I was and still am LOW on ammo, as in almost dry on every type. Armor piercing works well.

Rush up the launcher tower and find yourself a Fatman, Missile Launcher, 4 missiles, dead mutant and a bare bones Power armor for your troubles. Use these to take out the legendary soldier and friend guarding the disk you need to climb to get to the beacon.

Find the Paladin, listen to his tape and get the clue as to the next location, a bunker “up North”. That’s where I’m heading soon, see you there.


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