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Fallout4 Lost Patrol Part 3: Final Beacon Video

Saga of the Brotherhood of Steel’s Lost Patrol concludes

Finally! After 25 hours I located the final distress beacon for Lost Patrol. There’s a blast zone right South of Med-Tech complex that’s overrun by zombies, I mean Feral Ghouls.

Grab the beacon, holotape and examine the corpses. Sadly all this power armor is fused and unusable. Play the tape and you’ll get the password to the secret bunker that is as far North/Center as you can possibly get. There you’ll be greeted by a fine young man and a stockpile of weapons, glorious weapons. Thus ends this epic quest with no markers to guide you along.

The best part of The Lost Patrol quest is that there were no markers to guide you along. It required the player to wander and explore the map in search of the beacons. The first two can be found pretty easily, but the last, this one is a huge struggle to find, which is great. It lead me to discover all sorts of great places on the map.

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