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Fallout4 How to: Establishing Supply Lines

Fallout 4 has made itself out to be quite an in depth game with a vast amount of things to do. You could literally skip the entire quest thing and spend hours just collecting supplies and rebuilding civilization. That’s exactly what this tip is geared towards. Rebuilding by establishing supply lines for your multitude of settlements.

To establish a supply line, find a settler who you can sacrifice to the route. Open the Build menu, walk over to the settler, highlight and hit ‘Q’. This will open a window listing all your settlements. Now scroll through the list and select one you want to supply.

This will link your settlements together and now all resources stockpiled in Sanctuary will be instantly available anywhere along the chain. This is great for mid to late game, revenue stream and a ton of other benefits.

Another tip within this tip is the 4 essential ingredients to make vegetable starch. This breaks down into a whopping 5 adhesive. Build it at a cooking station with Mutfruit, Tato, Corn and Purified water.

More great tips on the way.

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