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Fallout4 How To get Hot Pink Power Armor Paintjob

How To get Hot Pink Power Armor Paint job by Going Through House of Horrors

The rarest power armor paintjob is also one of the coolest to obtain. While the other two Hot Rod paint jobs are just placed on a shelf in some non-hostile environment (junk yard, and hotrod power armor hangout); this Hot Pink Power Armor Paint job makes you go through a house of horrors to obtain.

This garage is like the Saw without Jigsaw taunting you at every turn. Start at the Milton Hospital fast travel point and turn around to face West. you’ll immediately see a door with arrows inviting you in.

Now, most post-apocalyptic survival instincts would be “no no no no”. But not you. You need this paintjob really bad.

This Fallout 4 area is a really cool little zone of horrors. There’s dead bodies all about and tons of traps to kill the living. Also a pack of Feral Ghouls doing what Ghouls do.

Once you’re on the top floor before the roof you’ll see a room with two doors. Push one button and the other room gets incinerated. Behind this room is the room with a white door that houses the magazine you came for. Grab it and you now have the rarest and hardest to get custom paintjob for your power armor.

The video was edited to both keep it short and to remove puzzle spoilers and some surprises. The key to solving the parking garage is to keep going up. Look down to avoid tripwire traps and you’re set.

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