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October, 2015

  • 9 October

    Star Wars Battlefront beta preview

    It’s Star Wars, so chances are you’ve already bought Battlefront and are frantically reading any information you can on it. Without wasting too many words, here’s the video of my first multiplayer round, after a few play tests in single play mode. Great, now that you see how horrible at multiplayer …

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  • 7 October

    Have you tried “Line of Defense MMO” yet?

    Have you played Line of Defense yet? It’s on Steam Early Access ad published by a small company known as 3000AD. The developer says in the description: “The game has been in development by a small team since it went into development back in 2010. It is fully self-funded by our …

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  • 6 October

    Life is Strange – Late to the Game

    Life is Strange I’m admittedly late to the game and since starting have been playing through like a madman. Never thought I’d be so excited to be an 18 year old female high-school student. But here I am, eager to put all life aside to jump back into the role. …

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  • 4 October

    On this Rainy Afternoon, The Witcher 3 has been completed

    The Witcher 3 Was a Grand Game No other game of recent years has been able to even manage what The Witcher 3 has achieved. A little company called CDProjekt has managed to press out a rare gem in gaming history. It’s raining to epic portions this weekend, so it was …

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