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Review: Rebel Galaxy

Didn't take long to realize this game is crap

Space Combat
Would play it for Free

It's really bad

Ok so the music is really good. It has a nice cowboy feel, but wow, no. Just stay away from this craperpiece.

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Rebel Galaxy is a space game set out to be the next “freelancer” a pretty lofty goal. They failed.

Not to say the game is entirely bad. It’s got pretty 2005 graphics a great soundtrack and decent ship upgrades. But when you get down to it, It’s a shallow sort of game.


It feels as if they outsourced the game to India, asked for a pirate sim and got a space game with a Wild Wild West theme. The game tries so hard to fit all these roles and just falls flat. I believe it would have been a fantastic game had they made a few changes.

For weapons you have variations of turrets and Navel Style broadside cannons. They wildly shoot unless you hold L2 for a focused aim. The turrets auto aim and take out smaller targets. Autonomy is a nice thing.

What I will say though, is the game has a lot of depth in ship configurations despite being pretty shallow and simplistic. It’s like the best of IOS games ported to a PC. (hint: IOS/mobile games mostly suck due to microtransactions)

Essentially the game plays itself. you steer the ship, everything else is done for you. Now granted you are in a bigger than average ship, but it’s also a game. I want to actually feel like I’m doing something beyond controlling the direction.


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