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Anno 2205 In depth Play and positive review

Yeah I don't know what I was thinking

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This game actually sucks

Had to modify this score. Having written the review after about an hour of gameplay, I missed the whole "repetitive AF" part. I haven't touched the game a few days later after writing the review.

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Anno 2205 is one of those rare games that has so much to offer. At it’s core it is a fine mix of city builder and RTS. At first glance the game is professional.

The interface is pretty and extremely well streamlined. Then comes the voice overs, clearly recorded and spoken with a business sexy sort of voice. Then comes the main game. The graphics are stunning and very pretty. Since almost all your battles are on water, the effects here are top notch. Sea mines explode, leaving a rippling wake. You can almost feel the chain explosion as several mines go off in the area. Boats in the wake sustain damage, if not outright destroyed.

Then comes the city building aspect. You build up houses to get workers, factories to make goods and mines to harvest raw material. But each factory can be upgraded to be more efficient. Instead of the old days, building 20 factories, you build one on a large swath of land and upgrade it to meet demand. This cleans up your city and makes a more efficient production line.

There’s various missions to undertake in Anno 2205 that tie into the main story and give you faction/corporation alignments. They’re mostly basic scavenger hunt or deliver items. But many are deeper and offer various rewards such as a boost in electrical power, company affiliations and much more. They can be avoided, but since many offer Iridium, which can only be obtained through missions, it’s wise to accept.

Overall I really like the game, and the new features are well thought out. Factories have a multitude of upgrades to help balance them out, and you cannot upgrade with everything because a key upgrade element Iridiuim is rare. Graphics are very pretty and detailed. Finally a game that Ubisoft hasn’t killed with excessive sequels and re-releases.

Also noteworthy is I fixed my microphone volume levels with Windows 10. I thought my Yeti was faulty and upgraded to the Audio-Technica 2020UBSi mic. But in the end, all it required was a USB driver for my Asus Rampage IV Extreme motherboard. Now i’m not French kissing the mic as before. The low volume error is hopefully in the past.

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