Resident Evil 7 Playthrough Episode 3: Epic Chainsaw Duel

A Chainsaw Duel in a tight space makes for a Great Time

Resident Evil 7 is picking up the scary. At this point we’re on the trail to both obtain the Shotgun, and kill Jack Baker with a chainsaw through his brainpan. Problem is, the journey to get there is long and arduous. The video below goes through getting the shotgun up to finishing the chainsaw duel.

How to beat the butcher room boss in Resident Evil 7

  1. Get the Shotgun. The shotgun won’t make the fight a breeze, but it’ll certainly help you win.
  2. Shoot out Jack’s knees. Use the pistol or the shotgun. It’ll stagger him just long enough to pop some easy headshots.
  3. Get the Chainsaw as soon as it’s available in the room. It will block almost all the damage and makes for some great skull grinding when you nail his head. It’s the best weapon for this fight.
  4. If you’re low on health, there’s a pickup in the corner. I didn’t know this at the time of the battle.
  5. Be Patient. Jack’s annoying, but a chainsaw duel with him will be fun and you should really savor his cries of agony.

If you’d played any of the Dark Souls games, you’ll have learned rushing in is a bad idea. Resident Evil borrows from this concept and forces you to be patient and decisive in your strategy. Stick and commit.


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