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Resident Evil 7 Playthrough Part 1: Killing Jack with his car

Awe now ya gone of and did it! You made Jack made and when Jack gets mad, he tries and kills you.


This is the first video in the Resident Evil 7 playthough. It is 2017’s scariest game and you will spend many sleepless nights.

The Story So far:

Resident Evil 7 starts off with you, Ethan, getting a strange message from your wife Mia, who has been missing for 3 years. So Ethan drives to the address in the message and discovers a run down series of houses. Most normal people would call it quits at this point, but Ethan, he’s a special kind of stupid. So he goes on in.

Now the main gate is locked, so Ethan makes his way around the main house to the guesthouse. After some investigation and finding clues, the terror begins. He goes into the basement, through a hidden doorway in the fireplace, to find his wife Mia, locked in a cage. She starts freaking out and without explanation she says “let’s go!”. Being the obvious girl in this relationship, Ethan stops and demands an explanation.

Mia, demands they escape and will explain everything once they’re out. This of course doesn’t turn well and Mia turns into evil psycho ex-wife mode and tries to kill Ethan. Not once, but several times. Ethan finally defends himself like a man and puts the ax through her shoulder. In a later struggle, Mia shops off Ethan’s hand, now he’s in trouble.

Being the dumbass he is. Ethan continues on and figures out how to open the Attic. He finds a handgun and a few bullets. In the next room Mia goes really crazy (ex wives always do come back like a bad rash) and this times she means to kill him. A few well placed bullets to Mia’s head and she’s down …. Oh crap, Ethan is now kidnapped.

Ethan awakens at the dinner table to the greetings of his new inlaws. Of course he refuses their generosity and they have a family quarrel over him. He’s left with Grandma, who can’t do much anyway.

Ethan eventually escapes, discovering that his hand has been sewn back on. Whew, good thing he was unconscious for THAT!

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