Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Part 2: Terrors of The Molded Processing Room

The processing room is a deeply disturbing first glimpse into the terrors of the family you’ve become a member of. There’s incinerators and chopped up bodies all around you. It’s a series of underground rooms dark and terrifying. To get to them, you need to find the wooden block and solve the “Spy Hunter” shadow puzzle.

The Story So far

Ethan is just not having much luck. He’s managed to meet an officer who was going to help him out. But the officer just didn’t listen and ended up with a shovel through his brain. After an epic battle with Jack that ended with him on fire and shooting himself, Ethan is free to explore the house, for now.

Now Ethan’s goal is to find his way out of the house and this means seeing things that no human should ever have to see. The Molded are mutated vile creatures with sharp menacing teeth. To take them down will require heavier firepower in the form of a shotgun.

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