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Star Citizen: PTU 2.OH MY GOD it’s awesome

I finally got my Star Citizen PTU 2.0 invite and yes, it was worth the wait. The game is almost stable and ready for full live test. This was made on my second or third run through after some crashes (it’s a lot more stable now). So things were a tad clumsy and awkward like first time sex.

I got to fly my Constellation (Connie) for the first time today and it was an emotional experience. I think I almost cried in front of ya’ll. Of course there were some surprises. Like when this dude pops up in front of me at the 10:40 mark. It was such a funny moment it spawn a 30 second video clip linked below.

To be absolutely honest, the game is not optimized and does have some issues. This is a Pre-pre-Alpha released to a small subset of users for a larger scale testing. But wow, it looks absolutely amazing and what I was able to see and do was worth it.

I’ve since figured out how to map controls for the Saitek X55 HOTAS and spent a few hours tweaking them. Part of remapping is figuring out how the various features work and what they do. How often will they be used? Gimbal lock in this build, is something you want enabled unless you can aim with a mouse.

Of course no Star Citizen post can go without mentioning Derek Smart. Who will undoubtedly take all the credit for keeping Roberts honest and releasing this product.

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