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Immortal Realm Update: Combat and Procedural Dungeons

It’s been a long 3 weeks since my last update, but things are moving forward. I haven’t been able to do a video for a few weeks due to being sick with something bad. I think it was bronchitis. Not sure, just lost voice and lots of coughing. On the game front, the beginnings of a combat framework is in place. What RPG is complete without combat, right? I’m getting a good feel for the procedural dungeon side and making headway with that as well.

What’s to come

I’m plugging in an inventory system, crafting and all those little niche things that form a complete RPG package. Stats like strengths and weakness will be implemented and a sweep of weapon creation. Once weapons are added it’ll be a matter of adding balance. Possibly there will be randomly generated items with their own list of stats (Diablo Style). Overall this is going to be the biggest portion of the game.

Quests are also a huge part of gaming and there will be lots of them. I’m not sure how it will all work together yet as I’m still fleshing out the core details of the game. Expect to see dialog and other such options. As a placeholder there may even be a text to speech function so quests are reading chores. I grew up with games that had no speech (Baldur’s Gate) and it can get tiresome. On a personal level, I prefer to both read and hear what is being said.

Core of the Game

The core of the game is it’s a dungeon crawl. There’s 1 city and an “infinite” number of dungeons. Difficulty will be incremental the deeper you go. This core game will be wrapped in a story that does have a beginning and an end. You’re in an Immortal Realm, where there is no death, your objective is to discover the secrets to this cursed land. While the denizens don’t fear dying, they do fear pain. So there will be a pain mechanic that can be leveraged to your advantage. At the same time, the enemies too can use it against you.

procedural rogue-like dungeon
Procedural dungeon in it’s infancy.

I know it doesn’t seem like much at the moment. I need to keep the project scope manageable where I can complete it within a year within my current ability. Should I somehow win the lottery, or find funding, the scope has lots of room for growth. I still strongly believe that small teams can achieve amazing things. So the whole development will be driven on that ideal.

Thank you.

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