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Oops. Technical Difficulties.

Well today was interesting indeed. I was updating my servers when something went wrong. I reboot the database, all was fine. Reboot the webserver and it dead. So I spent the next 3 hours on my hosting provider’s console trying to revive the dead server. Which lead me to realize I need to set up external storage in the event something goes direly wrong again.

Somehow I managed to blow out the sda block device and had a sync error with the boot process. So it kept booting into a kernel panic. Thankfully the Cloud server had the ability to mount a rescue disk. Though this option was extremely wonky to find. Once doing that, I was able to fix the Grub bootloader and reboot the system with no data loss. Granted, I’m not an SA so this process took a lot longer than I’d have liked.

Immortal Realm flash Update

Since I’m writing, I may as well do a quick update ahead of tomorrow’s post. I successfully converted a good portion of my existing assets to PBR materials. This has yielded a markedly better looking environment and buildings. I’m now free to continue building the game, environment and programming. While the process itself took far too long for my tastes, it was valuable in asset building. I now have a nice collection of assets, ore types and other materials that can be immediately used.

While absolutely, mind numbingly boring, these steps were important for the immersive value of the game. I really can’t wait to play my own game. It’s how I envision gaming should be.

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