Friday Thoughts, Wrapping up Animal Friends Adventure

Friday Thoughts. As I wrap up development of Animal Friends Adventure for submission to the publisher I look back on the project as a whole. Success (I’m not there yet) is like cooking, there’s not one magic ingredient, it’s a mix of things. Many people feel Hard Work will get …

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Animal Friends Adventure has Gone Gold!

We Did it! *record scratch sound* “Wait what?!? I thought it was already published?” You’re probably saying. It’s true. We were self published and now, after many updates, we’ve gone gold for our official publisher. Graphics have been greatly improved. New Monsters have been added. For our first official publishing …

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Animal Friends Adventure Just got a Massive Update!

I’m so excited to present this game to the world (again)! It’s been a long 3 months since release but work never stops. The game has been lovingly updated with all new assets. Trees, grass, seaweed, cactus and so much more. All new textures, AI, monsters and a completely revamped …

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Animal Friends Adventure Update: New Ways to Die

Pretty morbid headline for a game of all ages. But I’m extremely excited and this is super early in the morning before coffee, so forgive the mental dump. We have been working hard post release to make this game even better! There is a massive upgrade coming along and it’s …

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Animal Friends Released to the World

Animal Friends Adventure

We’re proud to announce Animal Friends Adventure is available on Steam and the XBOX One. This is an amazing step for our small Indie Dev studio. We love gaming and making video games. It’s our one passion in life and this is an amazing opportunity. For the price of two …

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Welcome Twitch Streamers!

Twitch Streamer Girl

Thank you all for your great interest in “Animal Friends Adventure”. This is all new to me. I work 16 hour days to build and publish a game on Steamgames and it’s finally there. “It’s over, you can finally rest and celebrate” most would think. Nope. There’s a ton of …

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Adorable Animal Army Unleashed to Conquer Hearts of Millions

Adorable Animals Conquer Hearts

After a year in development, Animal Friends Adventure is now available on the Steam Games store for immediate purchase! This adorable adventure game is sure to steal your heart as the lovable characters hop, jump and skip their way through levels. So, what are you waiting for? The link is …

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The Dreaded MSB3774 and Solution.

Microsoft. A monolithic company that’s fragmented to hell and back. Building for UWP from Unity3D is “documented” but as with most docs, they’re a bit outdated. It said enough of the process, but left a lot to be desired. There were some libraries that needed installing. MSB3774: Could not find …

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The Code that Saved The World

programming code that saved the world

Animal Friends Adventure is well on it’s way to being released on PC through Steamgames. But it’s not all delicious cake nor an easy task. When Animal Friends was on mobile, everything was so easy. All that was needed was touch controls. We just had to detect fingers which are …

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So this Just happened!

panda swagger animal friends

We completed the store page, marketing and uploaded the App to Steam! Everything has been submit and pending approval! This Promo video is totally awesome. This is huge. Marketing on Mobile was just the tip. Honestly I thought that was a pain in the ass. Steam has so many more …

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