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Chaos Rift Games Presents: Immortal Realm

*Record skip sound.*

Quick Share this article! In reality this is more akin to a concept reveal than it is an actual product. Not a fully working and playable (purchasable) game yet. Big frown. Read this, or watch the video (and subscribe) or both. That would be awesome.

The gist of it all is a walkthrough of some of the characters that should make it in the game. The Beholder is a certainty. We’ll also go over the assets front where I lay out all of the various pieces that will be merged in various ways to create rooms. From the rooms the levels will be procedurally generated. Target goal is to have 30 room types to start with. This is a good starting number and should provide ample variety through the labyrinth.

I also went through the very high level, bird’s eye view of the storyline and why fund raising is now so critical. You are a traveler and wind up waking up in some dark dungeon tucked away in a remote mountain. It’s a realm cursed to be forgotten by death. No one dies, but they remember the pain of each “death” and rebirth. You enemies too, are stuck with this same fate. So you must forge alliances or go solo through the realm in hopes of finding the “Mad Voice” controlling the realm. But he too is trapped and the realm is more sinister than believed.

So, yeah, Here’s to hoping I can implement even a fraction of what I wrote above. There will be a pretty robust RPG system in the background, complete with factions, crafting and other cool stuff. So there’s hope.

How to help

So please help out. The best thing to do is simply share my Facebook page, articles on this site or YouTube videos. Also subscribing to my channel is a huge help as well. It’s with high hopes I can garner up enough interest to garner the attention of some “Angel” investors who can help fund the project. Or click the donation button and let’s get Kraken!

Thank you.

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